Why hire me?
I’m a graphic designer that has specialised in book cover design since 2012. I’ve had the privilege of having designed over a hundred commissions to date along with hundreds of pre-designs. I have a good understanding of the publishing industry and marketing and apply this knowledge to each individual cover I design.


Who owns the rights to the completed cover?
The design rights transfer to you as soon as you are happy with the final design and the the remaining balance has been settled.


Where do you get your imagery from?
I source and purchase all my imagery from professional image stockists. All imagery is licensed for print and eBook use.


Can I supply you with an image to use?
Yes I’m happy to work with an image you provide as long as you own the image or have been granted license for its use.


What if I don’t like the design? Am I stuck with it?
No. You get unlimited changes until you’re happy. That means if you’re not completely satisfied with the design, I’ll keep developing it or develop a new concept until you are happy.


Will you design something exactly as I tell you to?
I will always advise you if I believe your idea won’t work and offer a more suitable alternative. You do of course have the final say.


I placed an order but never received an order confirmation via email. What should I do?
Send an email to mail@loveyourcovers.com or using the form found here.


I really like one of your pre-designed covers but haven’t settled on my book title or tagline yet. Can I reserve the cover?
You can buy the cover at the full price and I will remove it from sale. When you’re ready you can contact me and I can apply your Title and Tagline.


Can you produce an illustrated cover for my book?
Yes I can, however this would incur an extra charge depending on how much work was required.


What happens to the draft versions I didn’t want?
The fee includes the design rights to the final design and does not include any alternatives you have received from me in the development stages.


I would really like one of your pre-designed covers but with a slight alteration. Is this possible?
I am more than happy to make simple changes to the image (such as colour or font type). If you would like a major change (like an image added in or changed for example) then I would make you aware of any extra charge before I proceed.


If you design the eBook version now, could you then design the print version at a later sage?
Yes I’ve done this on many occasions as authors will sometimes release only the eBook version first.


What have I got to lose?
Nothing really. Worst case scenario is that you’re not satisfied with any designs offered in which case I will be happy to give a full refund of your deposit.

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